Cannabis 2020-2022

Cannabis 2020-2022


3 Credits

This course satisfies 3 hours of continuing education for nurses, respiratory and physical therapy providers.  This course includes 3 hours of pharmacotherapeutics/pharmacology for advanced practice providers.  

This course was approved by the Florida Board of Physical Therapy FPTA CE19-630711 through 12/31/2020.  

Learning Outcomes:

1.     Differentiate between cannabis and cannabinoids.
2.     Identify two commonly recognized strains of cannabis.
3.     Acknowledge the wide variety of species of cannabis and the best way to evaluate them.
4.     Describe differences between the two cannabinoids of greatest therapeutic interest.
5.     Identify cannabinoid receptors, locations in the body, and symptoms associated with each receptor.
6.     Identify interactions between cannabinoids and prescription medications.
7.     Describe medical conditions for which cannabinoids have proven efficacy.  Evaluate research evidence concerning efficacy of cannabis use.


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