Implicit Bias Training CE - 2 hours

Implicit Bias Training CE - 2 hours


2 Credits

This LARA-compliant 2-hour course meets the requirements for Implicit Bias Training for all professions licensed or registered under the Michigan Public Health Code. Join over 14,000 medical professionals in the state of Michigan who have already completed this training.

This course offering satisfies the training requirement for the state of Michigan. *This course will not report to NABP monitor; the two linked courses below will report to NABP. 

We separately offer implicit bias courses that include joint-accredited continuing education credit for ADA CERP, ACCME, ANCC, CDR, ASWB, ACPE, AAPA, APA and COPE. 

If you'd like to complete the 2 hour joint-accredited Implicit Bias Training CE, Click here 2 hours
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This 2-hour course for Michigan Implicit Bias covers all required topics outlined in the new rule added to the Public Health Code – General Rules R 338.7004 implicit bias training standards.

Implicit Bias Course Includes:
1. The mandated pre-test and post-test, 
2. An asynchronous, instructor-led webinar, and 
3. Certificate of completion.

According to the LARA training standards R 338.7004, this course meets requirements for all professions licensed or registered under the Michigan Public Health Code (including pre-licensure). The training standards were updated March 23, 2023, to allow for asynchronous teleconferences or webinars as acceptable modalities of training. You can now complete implicit bias training like this on-demand course, in your own time. 

Recent reviews of this course:
"Your course is very engaging and I quite enjoyed it. I took another online implicit bias course and it was very boring and I didn’t learn much." - Hend Abdul-Jauwad, MD, April 2023
"very informative course" - Ann, March 2023
"I enjoyed the training. It was well organized and to the point." Vickie, April 2023

How does this course meet criteria for Michigan?
Renew Now CE is nationally accredited as a provider through the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC) Provider P0557 and is an approved provider by both the Michigan Board of Nursing and Pharmacy, ID 50-18921. According to the training standards R 338.7004, training obtained by a nationally-recognized or state-recognized health-related organization meets criteria. An educational program that has been approved by any board, also meets criteria.

Each of our courses is designed to meet the requirements of both the ANCC and R338.7004. The courses include a pre-test and post-test, an asynchronous, instructor-led webinar, and meet the Michigan requirements for the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Public Health Code Rules 338.7004. The written portion, test questions and webinar time all factor into awarding of continuing education credits. LARA does not approve or endorse providers or trainings.

Professions eligible to take this Michigan mandatory Implicit Bias training:
Athletic Trainers
Behavior Analysts 
Genetic Counseling
Marriage & Family Therapy 
Massage Therapy
Nursing Home Administrators
Occupational Therapy
Osteopathic Medicine & Surgery
Pharmacy (Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, etc.)
Physical Therapy 
Physician’s Assistants 
Podiatric Medicine & Surgery 
Respiratory Therapy 
Social Worker 
Speech-Language Pathology

Pre-licensure students can take this course, as it meets the LARA requirements. 

This course completion will be electronically reported to CE Broker. We report course completions for nursing and pharmacy only to CE Broker. We do not report to NABP CPE monitor.

How many hours of implicit bias training are required in Michigan?

New Applicants for licensure or registration are required to have completed 2 hours of implicit bias training within the 5 years immediately preceding issuance of the license or registration.

Renewing licensees are required to complete 1 hour of implicit bias training for each year of their license or registration cycle. However, for initial renewal after June 1, 2021, licensees will only need to have 1 hour for each year since the rule’s promulgation date of June 1, 2021.

For example, if you are scheduled to renew your license in August of 2022, you would only be required to have 1 hour of training, even if the length of your license was 3 years. Remember: The rule also specifically states that this training is in addition to any continuing education requirements required for renewal.

Subsequent renewals will require 1 hour of implicit bias training for each year of the license or registration cycle.

Do you have to report your implicit bias certificate to the state?

The learner does not need to report their certificate of completion for implicit bias to the state of Michigan. During application or renewal, an applicant, licensee, or registrant will attest to compliance with the new rule and completion of a LARA compliant implicit bias training. The department may select and audit a sample of licensees or registrants and request documentation of proof of compliance with the rule.

LARA requires that online Michigan implicit bias courses include one of the following:

The Final Rule Language updated on: 3/23/2023 1:49:26 PM and now includes asynchronous webinar and teleconference courses.
(d) Acceptable modalities of training include any of the following: 

(i) A teleconference or webinar that allows live synchronous interaction that provides for the opportunity for participants to interact with the instructor and other participants. 

(ii) A live presentation that provides for the opportunity for participants to interact with the instructor and other participants. 

(iii) An asynchronous teleconference or webinar. 

What are the LARA Michigan requirements for Implicit Bias training?

Make sure your course meets the requirements for implicit bias training in Michigan. Courses must meet the Michigan requirements in the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Public Health Code Rules: R 338.7004.

Michigan FAQ Page on Implicit Bias Training Link

Link to R 338.7004 Implicit bias training standards. 

Learning Objectives for this course:

1.  Upon completion of this activity the learner will correctly identify the definition of implicit bias.

2.  Learner will acknowledge that implicit bias impacts perception and performance in delivery of care. 

3.  Learner will have working knowledge of current research on implicit bias.

4.  Learner will correctly identify strategies to promote equity in the provision of healthcare services. 


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