25 Hours Pharmacology All-Inclusive CE Package

25 Hours Pharmacology All-Inclusive CE Package


25 Credits

Finish your ANCC pharmacology/pharmacotherapeutics 25-hour requirement quickly and easily with information that is relevant to the practice of NPs, APRNs, and CNPs. This package includes 25 hours of highly-rated pharmacology/pharmacotherapeutics continuing education. Renew Now CE is an accredited provider of nursing continuing professional development by the ANCC P0557. The 25 hours of pharmacology in this package can be used to satisfy ANCC certification renewal requirements for pharmacotherapeutics/pharmacology continuing education hours. 

Recent Review of this Package: "The information is concise yet thorough with many good suggestions for practice." - Terry, April 2024

When you purchase this package you will be enrolled in the following courses individually and can complete each individually at your own pace. Courses save your progress.

Courses in this package: 

  1. Pharmacology 10 hours - Common Primary Care and Med-Surg Medications - ANCC approved. Course Expiration Date:  5/31/2027

    Learning outcomes:

    1.     Distinguish generic name from the brand name of commonly prescribed medications.

    2.     Identify common drug-to-drug interactions.

    3.     Identify common food-to-drug interactions.

    Recent reviews of Pharmacology 10 hours: 

    "Had a great time reviewing medications." - Victoria, August 2023

    “Great review Very informative” - Troy, March 2023

    “Awesome session, very informative.” - Rolly, March 202

  2. Abused Meds 6 Hours. Course Expiration Date: 8/1/2025 

    Learning outcomes:

    1. Identify commonly abused medications.
    2. Describe regulation of controlled substances.
    3. Identify schedules of controlled substances.
    4. Identify reversal agents of opioids and benzodiazepines.
    5. Identify resources for the proper disposal of controlled substances.

  3. Cannabis 3 Hours. Course Expiration Date: 12/31/2024 

    Learning Outcomes:

    1.     Differentiate between cannabis and cannabinoids.
    2.     Identify two commonly recognized strains of cannabis.
    3.     Acknowledge the wide variety of species of cannabis and the best way to evaluate them.
    4.     Describe differences between the two cannabinoids of greatest therapeutic interest.
    5.     Identify cannabinoid receptors, locations in the body, and symptoms associated with each receptor.
    6.     Identify interactions between cannabinoids and prescription medications.
    7.     Describe medical conditions for which cannabinoids have proven efficacy.  Evaluate research evidence concerning efficacy of cannabis use.

    Review of Cannabis Course: 

    "The information regarding CYP effect of CBD is especially helpful. CBD is very prevalent currently. Thank you" - Amber, RN (May 2022)

  4.  Opioids - The Uncontrolled Epidemic. Course Expiration Date: 7/18/2025

    Course Objectives:

    1. Identify heroin as an opioid
    2. Define the scope of America’s opioid problem
    3. Identify classes of scheduled opioids
    4. Identify reversal agent
    5. Identify strategies to help individuals with addiction

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